GSQ-R Series 2-Way Bistable Magnetic Holding Solenoid Valve

GSQ-R Series 2-Way Bistable Magnetic Holding Solenoid Valve

It is characterized by a very short action time. The general working pulse width is only about 20ms, only when the state transition "instant" consumes power, and the power consumption is very low. In addition, because the coil does not need to work in a long time, there is no heating phenomenon. The above features enable the solenoid valve to be fully sealed, with good moisture and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for high temperature and high humidity.


GSQ-R Series/2-Position/2-Way/1.5W/Bistable Magnetic Holding Solenoid Valve

It is widely used in automatic control of various kinds of pipelines with liquid and gas as medium, such as automatic irrigation of agriculture and garden greening, automatic induction sanitary ware and so on.

Product Information
This valve is an actuator used in industrial process automation control system. It can automatically turn on or off after receiving the electric signal, and realize two position automatic control and remote control for the on-off of the fluid medium in the pipeline. This series of solenoid valves can be widely used in textile, printing, chemical, plastic, plastic, rubber, pharmaceutical, food, building materials, machinery, electrical appliances, surface treatment and scientific research departments, as well as bathroom, dining hall, air conditioning and other automatic control systems.




Working medium:liquid、water、gas
Medium temperature:-5 ~ 80℃
Working pressure:0.3~8bar (details see specification table)
Working type:DN15~50 pilot operated
Valvebody material: Brass /SS316
Sealing material:NBR(-5~80℃)
Interface:G thread / NPT thread                          
Working voltage:DC6V
1.5W IP67  H degree                     
Pulse width: more than 10ms

Operation principles   (subject to permanent magnets)

When the solenoid valve is electrified , the solenoid valve opens and it's still in the open state when the power is off. When the power is switched on , the solenoid valve is closed and it's still in the closed state when the power is off.




GSQ-R  Series Specification Table


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