• Various Shapes and Size AlNiCo Magnets
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    Various Shapes and Size AlNiCo Magnets

    Alnico is a kind of alloy, which is comprised of aluminum, nickel, cobalt and iron with varying additions of other elements. By varying the composition, it's possible to tailor the magnetic properties to meet the needs of a wide variety of end use applications. There are two...Read More
  • Block AlNiCo Magnet
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    Block AlNiCo Magnet

    1) Strong Corrosion Resistances
    2) Excellent Temperature Stability
    3) Fine Grain
    4) Compact Crystal
    5) Excellent Magnetic Consistence
    6) Then maximum working temperature is up to 550 degrees
    7) Suitable for small volume and complex...
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  • Magnetic Stator of Linear Motor
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    Magnetic Stator of Linear Motor

    Magnet is also widely usd in the stator of motors, like linear motor and voice coil motor(VCM). Our design and assembly technologies can fit to customers' intergration system, providing stable and homogeneous magnetic flux There are mang hiden technologies in the stator...Read More
  • Voice Coil Motor
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    Voice Coil Motor

    1、 Item name: voice coil motor
    2、The main application of a voice coil motor
    2.1.Semiconductor industry:Wiring, cutting, drilling, transportation systems, welding,robotics.
    2.2 .Valve operation in the field:Type metering valves, pressure test systems,...
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  • Magnetic Separators
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    Magnetic Separators

    Product Info 1、 Item name: Magnetic Separators/ Grate Magnet/Magnetic Rod 2、product details :2.1.The standard Separator Magnet Rods measure 10,000 Gauss on their surface. They are made from “Neo” (NdFeB) Rare Earth magnets assembled in repulsion. The magnets are encased in a...Read More
  • Vacuum Rubber Suction Cup with Screw
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    Vacuum Rubber Suction Cup with Screw

    1. Material:
    EPDM, NR, Silicon, FKM,IIR,NBR,SBR,Sponge Rubber, or Custom Compound
    2. Color Black,white,red,green,transparent or any color according to Pantone colors
    3. Size
    As per customer's requirements
    4. Hardness
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