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Permanent Magnet
Gauss Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 14, 2017

permanent magnet:

In the absence of an applied magnetic field, can maintain their own magnetic objects for a long time. . According to different materials generally can be maintained for 10 years, the permanent magnet can be used with ferromagnetic materials, such as iron, nickel and other made.

Its atomic structure is special, the atom itself has a magnetic moment. In general, these minerals are arranged in a disorderly manner. Magnetic regions do not show any magnetic effect on each other. However, when the external force such as a magnetic field guides the molecules in the same direction, magnetism appears, that is, commonly known as magnets, iron, cobalt and nickel The most commonly used magnetic material is basically divided into permanent magnets and soft iron magnets, permanent magnets are coupled with strong magnetic flux spin and electronic angular momentum into a fixed direction; soft magnetic current is added, the current is removed, the soft Iron will slowly lose magnetism. Magnet is just a generic term, refers to the magnetic East, the actual composition does not necessarily contain iron. Relatively pure metal state of the iron itself is not permanent magnet, only near the permanent magnet will produce induction of magnetism, the general permanent magnet which added other impurities such as carbon to stabilize the magnetic stability, but this will make the freedom of electrons Lower and less conductive, so when the current through the lamp does not light up, iron is common with magnetic elements, but many other elements have a stronger magnet, like a lot of powerful magnets are made of NdFeB mixed,

Anti-magnetic force: permanent magnet material is a measure of its permanent magnetism against magnetic and non-magnetic interference.

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