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Magnetic Knowledge--Parameter Concept Of Magnet
Gauss Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 21, 2018

Magnet parameter concept

The permanent magnetic material is magnetized by the applied magnetic field and does not disappear, and can provide a stable magnetic field to the external space. NdFeB permanent magnet commonly used metrics are the following four:


Remanence (Br)

Units: Tesla (T) and Gaussian (Gs) 1Gs = 0.0001T

Definition: When a magnet is magnetized by an external magnetic field in a closed-circuit environment until the saturation of the technology, the magnetic field induced by the magnet is retracted. This is called remanence. It represents the maximum magnetic flux value that the magnet can provide. As can be seen from the demagnetization curve, it corresponds to the case where the air gap is zero, so the magnetic induction of the magnet in the actual magnetic circuit is smaller than the remanence. NdFeB is the highest practical permanent magnetic material found in Br today.

2. Magnetic Coercive Force (Hcb)

Units: A/m and Oe or 1 Oe≈ 79.6 A/m

Definition: The value of the reverse magnetic field strength required to reduce the magnetic induction intensity to zero when the magnet after the saturation magnetization of the technology is reversed is called the magnetic coercive force (Hcb). However, at this time, the magnetization of the magnet is not zero, but the applied reverse magnetic field and the magnetization of the magnet cancel each other out. (External magnetic induction shows zero) If the magnetic field is removed at this time, the magnet still has certain magnetic properties. The coercive force of neodymium iron boron is generally more than 11,000 Oe.

3. Intrinsic coercivity (Hcj)

Units: A/m and Oe 1 Oe≈ 79.6 A/m

Definition: The reverse magnetic field strength required to reduce the magnetization of a magnet to zero, which we call intrinsic coercive force. Intrinsic coercive force is a physical measure of the magnet's ability to resist demagnetization. If the applied magnetic field is equal to the intrinsic coercive force of the magnet, the magnet's magnetic properties will be substantially eliminated. Neodymium iron boron Hcj will decrease with increasing temperature, so need to work in high temperature environment should choose high Hcj grade.

4. Energy product (BH)

Units: Coke/meter 3 (J/m3) or GOe (GOe) 1 MGOe≈ 7. 96k J/m3

Definition: The product of B and H at any point on the demagnetization curve is BH. We call it the energy product, and the maximum value of BxH is called the maximum energy product (BH)max. The energy product is one of the important parameters of the amount of energy stored in a constant magnet. The larger the (BH)max, the greater the magnetic energy contained in the magnet. When designing the magnetic circuit, the operating point of the magnet should be as close as possible to the corresponding B and H of the maximum energy product.

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