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Magnet Story
Gauss Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 14, 2017

Since the magnet can attract iron, then whether it can attract other metals? Many attempts have been made by our ancestors to find that magnets not only can not attract metals such as gold, silver and copper, but also attract objects like brick and tile. During the Western Han Dynasty, people realized that magnets could only attract iron and could not attract other objects. When two magnets are brought together close to each other, sometimes attract each other, and sometimes mutually exclusive. People know that the magnet has two poles, one N pole and one S pole. Same sex very mutually exclusive, heterosexual very attract each other. The people at that time did not know this truth, but this phenomenon was still noticeable.

In the Western Han Dynasty, there was a large alchemist named Luan who used two properties of the magnet to make two pieces of chess. By adjusting the mutual position of the two chess pieces, sometimes the two chess pieces attract each other and sometimes exclude each other. Luan called it "fighting chess." He dedicated this novelty to Emperor Wudi and demonstrated on the spot. Emperor Wudi surprised, Longxin Yue, actually sealed Luan greatly "General Wuli." Luan big magnet with the nature of the novel made a deceptive Han Wudi.

The Earth is also a large magnet, with its two poles in close proximity to the geographic and the geographical North Pole. Therefore, the surface of the Earth's magnet, you can freely rotate, it will be the same sex repulsion magnets, heterosexual attract the nature of the North-South. The ancients did not understand this truth, but they are aware of such phenomena.

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