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What Is The Relationship Between Gaussian And Tesla In Magnet Unit Conversion?
Gauss Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 21, 2018

Magnetic or magnetic force is called magnetic field strength in physics. Magnetic material such as steel is a good path for magnetic field lines. The path through which a magnetic field line passes is called a magnetic circuit. In a magnetic circuit, the magnetic force per unit length is called magnetic field strength ( Or magnetization). Magnetic field strength is represented by the letter H, and its relationship with the magnetic potential is:


H ----- magnetic field strength, amps / cm;

F-----Magnetic potential, Ampere;

L ----- magnetic circuit length, centimeters.

The magnetic potential is equal to the product of the current I through the coil and the number of turns of the coil W.


In the International System of Units, the unit of B is Newton-second/Coulomb-meter, which is called Tesla.

Another unit system is often used in magnetics - the Gaussian system. In Gaussian, the unit of B is Gaussian, which is denoted by G.

The conversion relationship between Tesla and Gaussian is 1T=104G geomagnetic field is about 10-6T=0.01G

The magnetic field of a permanent magnet is generally 0.1T=1000G. The magnetic field generated by the electromagnet in the laboratory is approximately 1T=10000G, and the magnetic field of the superconducting magnet is 10T=100000G.

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