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How To Give Full Play To Ferrite Magnetic Properties
Gauss Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Ferrites include hard ferrites and ferrites, which are very important magnetic materials. The application of ferrite cores is still quite extensive. It is mainly used in the electronic information industry. The products are used in electronic transformers. Magnetic components in devices such as inductors, chokes, etc. With the development of emerging applications such as LED green lighting, wind power, solar energy, 3G, e-books, smart handhelds, smart grids, and internet of things, ferrites will continue to gain momentum in the future due to their unique performance and price advantages. Strong.


To give full play to the performance of ferrite cores, the following considerations are very important:

First, the effect of the ferrite ring (ferrite ring specification) is related to the circuit impedance: the lower the impedance of the circuit, the better the filtering effect of the ferrite ring (magnetic ring specification). Therefore, in the ferrite material's product manual, the insertion loss of the ferrite material is not given but the ferrite material's resistance is given. The greater the impedance of the ferrite core material, the more effective the filtering effect is. The better.

Second, the impact of current: When the current through the ferrite through the larger current, the filter's low-frequency insertion loss will become smaller, high-frequency insertion loss change is not. To avoid this, when using the power cord, you can pass the power cord and the power return cord through the ferrite simultaneously.

Third, the choice of ferrite ring material: According to the frequency of interference to be inhibited, choose different magnetic permeability ferrite materials. The higher the permeability of the ferrite material, the greater the impedance of the low frequency and the lower the impedance of the high frequency.

Fourth, the determination of ferrite beads size: The greater the difference between the inner and outer diameter of the magnetic ring, the longer the axial, the greater the impedance. However, the inner diameter must be wrapped tightly. Therefore, in order to obtain large attenuation, use a magnetic core with a large volume as much as possible in the premise that the inner diameter of the ferrite core is covered with a wire.

Fifth, the number of turns of the common mode choke: Increasing the number of turns through the magnetic ring can increase the low-frequency impedance, but due to the increase in parasitic capacitance, the impedance at high frequencies will decrease. It is a common mistake to blindly increase the number of turns to increase the attenuation. When the interference frequency band that needs to be suppressed is wider, different turns can be wound around the two magnetic rings.

6. The number of ferrite rings on the cable: Increasing the number of ferrite rings on the cable can increase the impedance at low frequencies, but the impedance at high frequencies will decrease. This is because of increased parasitic capacitance.

Seven, ferrite ring installation location: generally as close to the interference source. For the cables on the shielded chassis, the magnetic ring should be as close as possible to the inlet and outlet of the chassis cables.

Eight, with the use of capacitive filter connector is better: Because the effect of ferrite ring depends on the impedance of the circuit, the lower the impedance of the circuit, the more obvious effect of the magnetic ring. Therefore, when the original cable is equipped with a capacitive filter connector at both ends, its impedance is very low, and the effect of the magnetic ring is more pronounced.

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