Strong Curve Neodymium Magnet

1. Item name: strong curve neodymium magnet
2.size: Provide various dimensions of magnets according to your drawings or samples
3.Grade: Customers' Request


Product Info
1. Item name: strong curve neodymium magnet

2.size: Provide various dimensions of magnets according to your drawings or samples

3.Grade: Customers' Request



6. Applications:Elevator motors、 Wind Power Generators、 Servo Motors、Hybrid Electric Vehicle、Linear Motors、Compressor Motors、Hydraulic Generators、 Machinery、 audio/video 、communication equipment、Medical device、 office automation、magnetic separators, etc.



Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron

Key characteristics:

 high remanence,high coercive force ,high energy and can burden high temperature,up to 230 degree centigrade


production flow chart: 

 Step 1:Raw Materials图片1.pngStep 2:VIM图片1.pngStep 3:Jet Milling 图片1.pngStep 4:Compaction图片1.pngStep 5:sintering & annealing 图片1.pngStep 6:BH Curve Testing 图片1.png Step 7:Machining图片1.png

Step 8:Coating 图片1.png Step 9:Magnetizing & packaging图片1.pngStep 10:Customer Support 图片1.pngEnd

strong curve neodymium magnet 

Physical Properties of sintered Neodymium Magnet:



Curie Temperature


Electrical Resistivity


Relative recoll permeability


Thermal Conductivity


Vicker hardness


Temp.Coeff.of Br


T grade:-0.11%/℃

LT grade<-0.10%/℃

Temp.Coeff.of HC


T grade:-0.65~-0.50%/℃

LT grade<-0.50%/℃

 Directions of magnetization:

Directions of magnetization

oriented through thickness

oriented through diameter

oriented laterally multipole on one face

diametrically oriented

radially oriented

axially oriented in segments

axially oriented

multipole oriented in segments on one face

multipole oriented in segments on outside diameter

multipole oriented in segments on inside diameter

all available as isotropic or anisotropic material

only available in isotropic and certain anisotropic materials only


strong curve neodymium magnet 
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 strong curve neodymium magnet 


1. What is normal dimension of your products?

All magnets are customized.

2. What information do I need to supply when I have a inquiry?

  If you have any inquiry, please kindly advise the following items:

a.Dimensions or drawing with tolerances.

b.Material grade or magnetic properties.

c.Magnetic direction.

d.Surface coating (if necessary).

e.Quantity and delivery terms.

3. How long will you give me the reply?

We will reply you in 24 hours.

4. How is the price?

As we believe the quality is the most important, we will provide the high quality magnet with reasonable price.

5. Could I get samples?

  Yes, we have materials in stock to help you to get the samples as soon as we can.

6. How long will you deliver sample and bulk order?

 If we have materials in our stock, we can send them within 3 days. If we don’t have material in stock, production time for sample is 5-10 days, 15-25 days for bulk order.

Packaging & Shipping
By Sea: As the magnets have strong attraction and we will use the spacer to apart the magnets each other in case people will be hurt when take it out. Then, they will be packed in a small  box of pieces each, several boxes to a carton. (Detailed package quantity should be made upon the real products)
By Air: If the goods will be shipped by air, all the magnetic should be degaussed and we will use Iron sheet to shield.

Contact us:
 Please do no hesitate to contact with us if you have any questions or requests on magnet. You can inquiry either by email/fax or instant message.

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