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The strongest magnet is placed on the side of the TV. This is actually the phenomenon.
Gauss Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Magnets are a substance that is often used in life. Magnets can be naturally formed or artificially made. The magnet has a certain magnetic field, and the specific magnetic force is determined by the nature of the magnet. The magnetism of the magnet can create many new products.2

For example, the famous maglev train in China is to isolate the train from the track by magnetic force, which greatly reduces the resistance during the train travel and further increases the train speed. The magnet we introduced today is the most powerful one in the magnet, with the title of magnetic king.

It is a neodymium magnet. As early as 1982, someone discovered this kind of magnet. The person he discovered was called Sagawa, and he was a Japanese scientist. Its magnetic energy product is very large, and it was the largest material of the world's magnetic energy product in the era when it was discovered. So far, neodymium magnets are the most magnetic magnets.

In many of today's electronic products, there are applications for neodymium magnets. For example, there are such substances in our mobile phones and earphones, and some mobile phone batteries are powered by this substance. How strong is the magnetism of the neodymium magnet? In order to let everyone directly feel its powerful female, scientists have tested it in their lives.

We know that the most original TVs rely on receiving signals to relay channels. If there is no signal, there will be some snow-like things on the surface of the TV, and it will be accompanied by a squeaky voice. This experiment was to be carried out next to a TV without a signal. We first placed an ordinary magnet around the TV and then moved continuously.

We will find that the snow on the TV will be affected by the magnet and fluctuate as the magnet is farther away from the TV. If you switch to a neodymium magnet for the same operation, the snow on the TV will move in the other direction that the neodymium magnet is approaching, and even move out of the TV screen, and finally there will be only one piece of black on the TV screen.

This phenomenon is mainly caused by the magnetism of the neodymium magnet disturbing the TV. Through this experiment, we can truly feel the powerful magnetic force of the neodymium magnet.




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