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Reed switches relay
Gauss Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2018

Reed relay is a relay in which the coil generates magnetic field to move the reed tube.
The utility model relates to a coil sensing device. Therefore, reed relay features, small size, light weight, fast reaction speed, short run-out time and other characteristics.

When an entire piece of ferromagnetic metal or other magnetic material approaches it, it ACTS to open or close the circuit. Composed of permanent magnet and dry reed pipe. The permanent magnet and the dry reed pipe are fixed on a non-magnetic and non-magnetic support. With the north and south poles of the permanent magnet as the axis, this axis should coincide with the axis of the dry spring pipe or basically coincide. Adjust the distance between the permanent magnet and the spring tube by far and near, when the spring tube just happens to act (for the normally open spring tube, it becomes closed; For the normally closed dry spring pipe, the position of the magnet is fixed when it becomes disconnected). At this point, when there is a whole piece of magnetic conductive material, such as iron plate close to the magnet and the dry reed tube at the same time, the dry reed tube will act again and return to the state when there is no magnetic field action; When the iron plate leaves, the dry spring tube will act in the opposite direction. Reed relay has a strong structure, the contact is sealed state, high durability, can be used as a mechanical equipment position limit switch, can also be used to detect iron doors, Windows and other whether in the specified position.

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