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Magnet manufacturers talk about the use of strong magnets should be noted
Gauss Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 03, 2019

Xiaobian today and everyone talk about magnet manufacturers to talk about the use of strong magnetic is a matter of attention, we all know that to choose a product or service, we must understand from the aspects of product quality processing, service, quality and so on.

Magnet manufacturers claim that the application of strong magnetic steel in various industries is very common. What issues should you pay attention to when using strong magnetic steel?

1. The magnet manufacturer claims that in the application of strong magnetic steel, it is necessary to ensure the clean and clean working environment, prevent the strong magnetic magnetic steel from adsorbing fine magnetic particles such as iron filings, and affect the performance of the strong magnetic steel.

2, the magnet manufacturer said that the performance of the needle type data NdFeB is brittle and brittle for the ferromagnetic steel. Instructions for use: When the adsorption reaches 600 or more, the magnet manufacturer claims that the gravity of the human body itself is easy to produce. And it is easy to absorb damage, so the re-adsorption gravity should be controlled within the range of strong magnetic magnets.

3. During the operation of the ferromagnetic steel, the magnet manufacturer stated that it should pay special attention to the risk of clamping the strong magnetic steel. Some safety measures can be taken during the operation.

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