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Magnet applications
Gauss Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 14, 2017

Application in traditional industries

When it comes to the magnetic sources of magnetic materials, electromagnetic induction, magnetic parts, we have already mentioned the practical application of some magnetic materials. In fact, magnetic materials have been widely used in all aspects of the traditional industry. For example, without magnetic materials, electrification becomes impossible because generators are used for power generation, transformers are used for power transmission, and electric motors are used for electric machines, and loudspeakers are used for telephones, radios and televisions. Many instruments have to use magnet coil structure. All of these have already been said about other things.

Magnet in medical applications

The pigeon lovers know that if they fly hundreds of kilometers away, they will automatically homing. Why do pigeons have such a good ability to recognize it? It turned out that pigeons are very sensitive to the Earth's magnetic field, they can use the changes in the Earth's magnetic field to find their own home. If you put a magnet on the head of a pigeon, the pigeon will be trek. If the pigeons fly over the radio towers, the powerful electromagnetic interference can disorient them.

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