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How much do you know about the use of ferrite cores?
Gauss Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2018

Soft ferrite cores are suitable for high frequency electronic transformers and inductors, and the calculation of many material parameters such as permeability, loss, and saturation magnetic induction strength involves the geometry of the ferrite core. Magnetic permeability Soft magnetic ferrite core can effectively absorb electromagnetic interference signals to achieve the purpose of anti-electromagnetic field interference. High permeability materials can significantly reduce the size of transformers, and are more conducive to miniaturization and lighter weight of devices and systems. When the permeability of materials is high, the required inductance can be obtained with fewer coil turns. , And then effectively reduce the DC resistance of the coil and the loss caused by it.

Ferrite cores have more material grades and many different geometric shapes. They are cylindrical, I-shaped, hat-shaped, single-hole, double-hole, four-hole, U-shaped, pot-shaped, E-shaped, EI-shaped, EC-shaped, RM shape, PQ shape, EP shape, each type of magnetic core self-made a series of a wide range of choices, according to different magnetic parameters, to choose different materials and shapes due to low magnetic losses at high frequencies, they Widely used in switch mode power supplies, RF transformers and inductors.

With the rapid development of electronic circuit broadband transformers, pulse transformers and anti-electromagnetic wave filters in the fields of background lighting, local area networks, and wide area networks, only soft magnetic ferrite cores with high magnetic permeability materials can meet their development needs.

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