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Future development of magnetic materials
Gauss Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 14, 2019

How will the future of magnetic materials develop? Today, the small series of Gaussian strong magnetic materials manufacturers will let you know the future development of magnetic materials.

The basic law of coexistence of magnetoelectricity has led to the development of magnetic materials inevitably in conjunction with electronic technology. For example, optoelectronic technology has promoted the development of magneto-optical materials and magneto-optical materials. Magnetic semiconductor materials and magnetically sensitive materials and devices can be applied to remote sensing, telemetry and robotics. New amorphous and rare earth magnetic materials (such as FeNa alloys) are being studied. Magnetic fluids have entered a practical stage. The discovery of certain new physical and chemical effects, such as topological effects, also provides conditions for the development and application of new materials, such as the application of magnetoacoustic and magnetocaloric effects.


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