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Development status of binding magnet
Gauss Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2018

As an important branch of permanent magnetic materials, bonded magnets are polymer based composite permanent magnetic materials that are made by uniform mixing of magnetic powder with resin, plastics or low melting point metal and by moulding, extrusion or injection molding. At present, the bonded permanent magnet is generally made by molding process in China. The method of producing magnets by bonding process started in the late 1960s and has the following characteristics compared with the initial casting method and powder metallurgy method (also known as sintering method) :
Pin is highly designable, which can design magnetic energy and shape according to application requirements.
High dimensional precision, large degree of freedom of shape, can precision shape complex shape magnet;
The magnetic properties of the magnetic material are uniform and consistent.
It has good mechanical properties, high toughness, no cracking and explosion Angle, etc.
Farming can achieve large - scale automatic production, high economic benefits.

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