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Development and innovation of high corrosion resistant nd-fe-b materials
Gauss Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2018

In the process of the world manufacturing industry and the transfer of new material industry center to China, the new material industry as the foundation of high and new technology industry is attracting great attention. Our country has initially formed its own industrial system in the production of nd-fe-b. Production has accounted for 40% of the world's total. But this share, high-end products have not formed a strong strength, lack of international competitiveness. As an important part of new materials, rare earth permanent magnet materials are widely used in energy, transportation, machinery, medical care, IT, household appliances and other industries. Their products cover many fields of national economy, and their output and dosage have become one of the important indicators to measure a country's comprehensive national strength and national economic development. As the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet, nd-fe-b has a high ratio of performance to cost, so it has been developing continuously and rapidly in scientific research, production and application in recent years. The development of knowledge economy represented by information technology brings new USES to the functional materials such as rare earth permanent magnet ndfeb industry, which brings broader market prospect for ndfeb industry. Nd-fe-b materials are mainly used in the voice coil motor (VCM), nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and various audio-visual equipment, microwave communication, magnetic machinery (magnetic pump, magnetic valve), household appliances.

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